Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue: Advocacy, Activism & Jewish Teens
to Nov 13

Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue: Advocacy, Activism & Jewish Teens

In this class, taught from a pluralistic perspective, we will explore activism as it relates to secular & Jewish issues. Participants will learn practical steps that educators can take to harness the spirit of activism among our students, & to provide Jewish support/grounding for those who are already advocating.

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to Aug 13

The (Jewish) Pursuit of Happiness - Positive Psychology and Teens (Online Course)

This course, geared for Jewish educators working in supplementary schools, will be taught through Gratz College's NEXT program

Teens today are busy, busy, busy. Competing with all of the real-life and virtual distractions that their lives and smartphones have to offer is no small challenge. To successfully connect with our teens and keep them Jewishly-connected; we implicitly need to convince them of the “value-add” of engaging with Judaism and Jewish community.

Positive psychology – the study of what makes life most rewarding and fulfilling – offers wonderful insights into designing activities and programs that will engage Jewish teens in compelling ways. The principles of positive psychology align well with core Jewish texts and values. By identifying the points of intersection, we will position ourselves to more consistently create gratifying opportunities for our teens.

At the end of the course, Jewish teen educators will have a foundational understanding of positive psychology and a series of tactics for applying its wisdom to the feat of successfully engaging Jewish teens.

For more information and to register for NEXT classes, check out this link! 

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to Jul 16

Israel Education Through Food (Online Course)

I will be teaching an online course geared towards Jewish educators working in supplementary schools through Gratz College's NEXT program.

In this class, we will leap past current events and straight to the heart (and stomach) of Israel! We will use food to tell stories of Israel's history, diversity, and modern culture. Students of all ages will enjoy a sensory experience of Israel while cooking with you in North America! As we explore Israel through food and cooking, we will identify ideas and tools for using food and cooking to reach learners of any age and stage.

We will also consider logistical considerations such as cooking when you don't have a kitchen at your disposal, developing an activity budget and supply list, and building food-based lessons that balance content, food prep and time to clean up within limited spans of time. By the end of this course, you will have experienced the sweet, spicy, and savory of Israel, and be ready to embrace cooking as a key teaching modality. 

No cooking skills required.


For more information + to register for NEXT, get started by clicking here! I'd love to have you join me for this course! 

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