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Top 5 Takeaways from Limmud to Apply + How To Apply Them To Jewish Education

I'm coming out of five days of immersion in an alternative universe of Jewish learning. It's a place where rigorous text study, insider humor in the form of self-deprecating jokes, and a constant game of Jewish geography reign supreme. Where it would be really weird to roll your eyes at someone's passion for prayer, but not at all out of place to engage in an expansive conversation integrating Talmud, video games, and the #MeToo movement.

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When A Jewish Educator Travels Part II

For the uninitiated, Limmud is a celebration of Jewish learning and culture, which is meant to bring together the breadth and depth of the Jewish community for a shared learning experience. It started in the UK nearly 40 years ago, and has since expanded to have worldwide reach, with local communities around the world using the Limmud model of volunteer-driven Jewish experiential education to impact their populations. I’m going to the conference for the first time, representing the DC community, which is looking to launch our own first Limmud conference in the next year. But I’m also going to feed my soul.

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