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Making Transitions, Jewishly

Right now, I’m in that stage of in between. The time when the boxes are multiplying faster than they’re being packed, when each item checked off the to do list is replaced threefold, and when every social interaction is yet another goodbye. It’s a lot more of going through the motions than finding actual meaning, which feels unfulfilling, and leaves me wanting more.

So, how does one move Jewishly?

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Chanukah + Hygge

For the uninitiated, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish concept meaning a mood of coziness and comfortable contentment, which is credited with being the core reason that the Danes are regularly ranked among the happiest people in the world. It’s how the Scandinavian people get through their long, dark winters, by cultivating wonderful, family-focused in-home practices. And I’m positing that it’s why Chanukah, our own winter family holiday, has garnered such mass appeal. Yes, it’s the Jewish answer to Christmas tree FOMO, and, as a reminder, the commemoration of an ancient miracle/victory of nationalism, but it’s also a time of togetherness, comfort, and simple pleasures.

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Judaism on Vacation

Rather than limiting my 'Jewish travel' to trips to Israel or other 'classic' Jewish destinations, I love to find the connections in quirky and offbeat locations. I'd like to pass that on to the rest of you with these tips for bringing Jewish content to your travels. 

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Putting the Jewish in the Fourth of July

As American Jews, how can we use American Independence Day to bring together these dual parts of our identities? Particularly in the current political climate, there are a lot of conversations happening about both American and Jewish values, including how they mesh with each other, what happens when they stand in contradiction, and how they each manifest for us individually, and collectively in society.

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Jewish Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), the Danish idea of coziness and comfort, is currently trendy, but also timeless. So many of the principles and hallmarks of hygge are mirrored in Jewish tradition, culture, and ritual. How can hygge, the concept credited with making the Danes the happiest people in the world, be a Jewish practice? 

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