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Making Transitions, Jewishly

Right now, I’m in that stage of in between. The time when the boxes are multiplying faster than they’re being packed, when each item checked off the to do list is replaced threefold, and when every social interaction is yet another goodbye. It’s a lot more of going through the motions than finding actual meaning, which feels unfulfilling, and leaves me wanting more.

So, how does one move Jewishly?

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PSA: About Those Jewish Values...

It’s easy to be cold. To be cut and dry. To postpone awkward conversations and emotional breakdowns in the hopes of being able to avoid them altogether. To literally be at a loss for words, and not want to hurt anyone or be hurt in the crossfire of tough, crushing decisions.

But easy isn’t who we are. No one chooses Jewish education because it’s an easy career path. We choose it because we thrive on the challenge, on the ambiguity, on the chaos of embracing our passion. We bring those gifts to our learners and to our pedagogy, and we also need to bring them to our personnel.

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