Jewish Educator Podcast Roundup

There are several things about me that always tend to elicit gasps when I share them with others.

  1. I haven’t seen pretty much any movie that someone my age is ‘supposed’ to have seen (the entire Disney canon notwithstanding).

  2. I don’t like cake.

  3. I literally never sit and listen to music. If I’m at a party, or it’s on in the background, fine, but I don’t understand the desire to sit and listen to a song at all.

Nope, if I have my earbuds in and I’m not on the phone with a member of my family, you can 100% assume I’m listening to a podcast. I was introduced to this medium a few years ago by my husband, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say I fell in love quickly. I love being able to feel like I’m able to learn/multitask during otherwise mundane parts of the day - driving to work, roaming the aisles of the grocery store, walking the dogs, chopping salad - and I’ve been thrilled to find podcasts that mesh with even my quirkiest loves.

So today, I’m sharing my podcast roundup with you. Some of them have pretty obvious connections to Jewish education. Others are a bit more loosely tied. And others are straight up reaches, but I love them and figured I’d share how they inform my pedagogy, my self-care, and my overall Jewish education self. Please click through, and let me know what else I should be adding to my queue!

Do you use podcasts in your teaching? How do you incorporate them as an educator?