Judaism on Vacation

When I travel, I bring all of my anal to-do listing tendencies with me, and as such, show up in every new destination with at least a brief outline of things I want to do/see/eat while I'm exploring a new place. And because I'm a out and proud nerd and history junkie, those travel to do lists are full of walking tours, historical houses, museums, and towns. Taking that one step further, I always like to look for Jewish connections in the places I visit, and find myself seeking out synagogues and old Jewish quarters, and getting a thrill of excitement when I stumble upon a Jewish artifact in a museum or come upon the modern synagogue serving a community I didn't realize still had vibrancy. Rather than limiting my 'Jewish travel' to trips to Israel or other 'classic' Jewish destinations, I love to find the connections in quirky and offbeat locations. Luckily for me, my husband, a Jewish history PhD student, enables and encourages me in these explorations, and I'd like to pass that on to the rest of you with these tips for bringing Jewish content to your travels. 

How do you bring Judaism to your travel experiences? Please add any additional tips / destinations in the comments! 

Jewish education on vacation