Educator. Researcher. Thought Leader. 



My name is Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath, and I'm a Jewish educator. I'm passionate about connecting with Jewish teens and emerging adults, talking about Israel, history, philanthropy, and food, and sharing meaningful icebreakers as often as I can. By day, I work in the Washington DC Jewish community and am in the process of pursuing an EdD in Jewish Educational Leadership. By night, I'm here for you - to be your partner in exploring Jewish content and topics and making them relevant, and your resource for brainstorming, curriculum development, and thought leadership. 


I believe in education that teaches to the whole person. Not just to my learners when they're wearing their 'Jewish hats' for the couple of hours a week/month/year that they intentionally create Jewish time for themselves, but to the complex, evolving, incredible people that they are. I see my job as meeting each individual where they are on their lifelong journeys and creating a relationship that enables them to move a step - either forward, sideways, or diagonally - towards the next stage of those journeys. I believe that the work of Jewish education is a sacred responsibility. 

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. 

— Benjamin Franklin


Let's talk tachles [details]. I am here as a Jewish education thought leader. I bring the combined skills from my research on Jewish identity and my hands-on experience as a practitioner and educator, and I want to partner with you to apply these skills to your community. This is a space for you to get to know me - check out my blog to see my thoughts and reflections on Jewish education, get updates on my research, and stay looped in about when and where I'm speaking. 

And of course, you don't have to wait to connect with me! If you want to talk about consulting, speaking, or some kind of partnership that we create together, please be in touch! I can't wait to meet you. 


Ah yes, the biggest question. Why am I so passionate about Jewish education? Why should you work with me? Why is what I can provide different from the amazing work that you're doing already?


Because I'm not your typical Jewish educator. I don't believe Judaism belongs in the classroom, or the synagogue, or even the beit midrash (although I love all of those places fiercely). My mission is to bring Jewish education everywhere - to your house. To the gym. To the beach. To the city streets you walk every day. 

Because I'm a walking contradiction in a way that only Judaism allows + inspires me to be. As you're reading this, I'm probably wearing jeans and a t-shirt. If you passed me on the street, you wouldn't realize that my bag is overflowing with Jewish texts and source sheets, and I'm on my way to the mikvah, or to teach a class on Jewish philanthropy, or to do an art midrash project with a group of adult learners. Judaism flavors every aspect of my life, but not in the ways you might expect. And I'm here to share that with you and your community.

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